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Yogic Diets - Satva Foods

Every yoga aspirant should be well aware of what are the do's and donts in yoga-abhyasa. Normally there are 5 important aspects a yogi should follow. They are (1) proper practice of yoga exercises, (2) practice pranayama, (3) practice of relaxation techniques, (4) proper satva foods (vegetarian) and (5) practice meditation or dhyna.

Generally it is said what we are is what we eat. More energy producing and invigourating foods would make all sorts of disturbances to a yogi's life. Only vegetarian foods and that too with less spice, less oil, less sweet and less salt are considered to be proper food for a yogi.

Taking a moderate type of food is the best way to be settled in yogic way of life. There are many blends of vegetables, fruits and nuts along with honey that would make a yogi happy with his food. Fruit juices and vegetable soups are alternatives for the taste buds.

Whole wheat and select cereals, sprouted or partially cooked would also form a regimen of food for yogis.

A lot of interesting recipes one can easily manage to make by browsing the internet.