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Tratak - meditation - Eyes cleansing - Yogic method

Tratak - Meditation on light:

Tratak, also called candle gazing, is a method of concentrating on a point of light; serving as a visual reminder to use lighthearted attitudes in living.

To begin:
In your meditation place, sit up straight facing a low table and light a candle. Fold your hands in your lap.

Take some moments to just look at the flame, letting your eyes almost shut. Begin to feel the warmth of light emanating from the candle flame. It can be a reminder that even a little kindness, from lighthearted actions, makes another's day warmer and brighter.

If you do close your eyes you will probably see the reverse color of the candle flame in your vision. Focus on that for a minute or as long as you can.

Now, begin to breathe evenly: breathe in counts 1, 2; breathe out counts 3, 4; breathe in counts 5, 6, and go on for another minute.

Let go of counting but continue to breathe evenly. Reflect on how you could add one form of lighthearted activity to your life, such as: showing patience; being kind; allowing another to express themselves without interruption; adopting an attitude of seeing a glass half full rather than half empty; doing a volunteer activity; helping a person in need.

Finish your meditation with a prayer or affirmations of well wishes for family, friends, community and world peace.

Take a deep breath, stand and stretch.