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Samadhi - (Self Realization)

This stage includes a range of highest spiritual achievements. Samadhi means merging with the Primordial Consciousness in the Abode of the Creator.

Consciousness of an adept prepared at the previous stages becomes capable of getting in contact with Consciousness of God in the highest eons. These first contacts give one a vivid novelty of bliss, which is what the term “Samadhi” denotes .

In contrast to Samadhi, Nirvana is a stable Mergence with the Consciousness of God in which feeling of localized “I” disappears. The term “Nirvana” means “complete burning away”, i.e. obliteration of one’s individuality in the Mergence with God; at that a man, having expanded and dissolved in Him, feels that he is God. And this is what happens in reality.

In Bhagavad Gita Krishna speaks about Samadhi and about principal stages of Nirvana: Nirvana in Brahman (the Holy Spirit) and Nirvana in Ishvara (the Creator).

But in India the term “Nirvana” became widely used by Buddhists at some point in time and later on this term along with Buddhism, was “forced out” from India by Hindus. Instead of using the term “Nirvana” Hindu schools started to expand the meaning of the term “Samadhi” by adding to it various prefixes. Various schools used these composite words and because of this the term “Samadhi” got “diffused” and lost its unambiguity. This is why it makes sense to get back to accurate terminology that God introduced into spiritual culture through Krishna.

So, in order to get from Samadhi (Contact) to Nirvana (Mergence) one has to have a large and strong individual consciousness, developed by preceding trainings. In addition to this it has to be firmly established in Divine subtlety.

If these two conditions are fulfilled, then all one needs to do is to just find an entrance into the required eon, enter it and dissolve in its Consciousness using the method of “total reciprocity”, which one has to master in advance. The latter includes not only meditative skills, but also an ethical preparation. This preparation consists in destroying one’s lower self in every possible way and replacing it with collective self first, and then with universal Self, i.e. the Paramatman. This is the only way a man can connect to unlimited Divine Power.

“...We have an inexhaustible reservoir of psychic energy!” (Hierarchy:394), –says God.

But “if one were to expound the conditions and the aims of Yoga, the number of applicants would not be great. Terrifying for them would be the renunciation of selfhood...” (Hierarchy:451).

In connection to the above said I want to cite the Carlos Castaneda’s book “The Power of Silence”: “...War, for a warrior, is the total struggle against that individual self that has deprived man of his power”.

One explores the highest eons one after another. Before starting exploring the next eon, one has to accumulate power of consciousness for a long time, which sometimes takes years, in order to be able to enter it and remain in it. The only exception is the people who approached these stages in their previous incarnations and maintained the amount of personal power and level of refinement of consciousness necessary