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Nostril Cleaning - Yogic method

Cleaning of Nostrils is called Neti.           

Nethi Pot This is called a 'Neti-pot' that holds around 500 ml of water. Take a pre-boiled and cold water and fill it into this cup. Add 1/2 a spoon of good pure salt (NaCl) and dissolve it. Stand in front of a wash basin. Lower the head to the left side. Place the funnel of the jog into the right nostril. Further, lower the head slightly and raise the jug so that the water which entered the right nostril comes through the lest nostril. Continue this 'kriya' for a minute. Then do this procedure for the left nostril so that the water may come out your right nostril. Then sneeze fifteen or twenty times( breathing out forcibly from nose) and let the water be evacuated from the nose. It is essential to make the nose dry.

Do not swallow the water during Neti kriya.

These will be burning sensation in the nose and with frequent sneezes, the eyes will fill with tears while doing jalneti. This is natural. Your will be accustomed to these effects in a day or two.

This Jalneti should be practiced once in a day. The morning time is desirable. 


  1. The nose is cleaned.
  2. Nerve endings in the nose become more active.
  3. Jalneti is an unfailing remedy for cold, sinus, headache and migraine.
  4. Pranayama can be practiced more effectively.