Yoga for Beauty and Health


I thank everyone who happens to visit this site and spends some time in seeing the   various yoga postures and small beneficial notes on each Yoga Asana posture.

Yoga keeps ones body, mind and soul pure and alive. Anything pure and alive is naturally beautiful. Retaining the 'natural' beauty throughout ones life is in other words 'Staying Young'. 

Regardless of your belief system, yoga is a powerful tool to direct the senses, the mind, emotions, and vital energy of the body towards the ultimate fulfillment of one's highest potential as a human and spiritual being.

Yoga is a system that has been developed over several millennia by men and women seeking the meaning of life and an understanding of how best to live it. From their comprehensive wisdom, we have been handed tools for good health, equanimity in emotions and mental peace. In the current era, yoga has become a popular method of exercise and for some, a therapeutic modality for stress, injury, illness, and physical challenges and disability.

A regular yoga practice not only delivers good health but it develops the tools we need to navigate the stress of our world and the trauma of our mortality. The exercises we have come to know as yoga, are in fact, only the first steps toward the ultimate promises that yoga can deliver.

Because yoga is not just exercise, it warrants a special relationship between the teacher and student. Yoga instruction teaches challenging physical postures, sophisticated breath control, behavior and philosophy.

Content in a nutshell


This website is an attempt to share the knowledge and experience I gained in practicing and teaching yoga since last 10 years.

From basic dicipline to absolute control over body, mind and soul, how an aspirant should try to get self realization are message I want to pass on through this portal.

May my guru's accept my prayers and bless every one who tries to practice sincerely the yoga techniques taught by them.

Preface to Yogasanas:

Yoga as a system of physical exercise has been in existence in India since very ancient times. According to our ancient sages, there are eight stages of yoga, viz., (1) Yama (Social disicipline), (2) Niyama (Individual disicipline). (3) Asana (Postures), (4) Pranayama (Breath Control), (5) Pratyahara (Mental dicipline), (6) Dharana (COncentration), (7) Dhyana (Meditation) and (8) Samadhi (Self-realization). If an aspirant, after observing the disciplines of Yama and Niyama, practices Yogic Exercises, his tubular channels are cleansed, he achieves excellant health and his mind becomes alert.

A humble effort has been made is this site to impart the knowledge of yoga to common man.