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Dhyana - (Meditation)

Dhyana is the stage of meditative trainings that lead to Samadhi.

Meditation is the work of consciousness aimed at the conscious development along the path to perfection and to the mergence with the Creator. Meditation is practiced and taught at three stages in the Patanjali's yoga sutra.

At the Dharana stage adepts among other things learn how to expand consciousness in the subtlest and the most beautiful thing that exists in the world of matter. By means of such attunement they establish themselves in sattva guna. (And through working with Yidam they may immediately come in contact with the Fiery manifestation of Divine Consciousness and experience Samadhi).

At the Dhyana stage adepts work at increasing the “mass” of consciousness and at obtaining power in subtlety.

At the next stage their efforts will be focused upon interaction of individual consciousness with Consciousness of the Universal God or Cosmic Consciousness and upon merging with Him in His Fiery Aspect as well as in the Infinity of the “trans-mirror realm” - "tat-vam-asi".

At the Dhyana stage the meditative work is especially effective if it is performed at special places of power — areas on the Earth’s surface that have an energetic impact on human beings. Among the variety of them only those should be chosen that make for expanding of consciousness in the subtlest eons. A correctly selected subsequence of such places ensures that the most complex tasks of correct “crystallization” (i.e. quantitative growth) of consciousness will be solved easily and with little efforts.

For the same purpose one can meditate during athletic exercises, as well as practice winter swimming and “meditative running

The structure of the human organism responsible for meditation is the lower “bubble of perception”  the principal part of which is anahata chakra, supplied with energy by the lower Dantian (a complex of three lower chakras). This is why success of the work at this stage depends on the level of purity and development of the entire system of seven chakras, which is combined into one complex by the meridians that have been mentioned above.

From the very beginning of meditative training until the absolute Victory of Merging with the Primordial Consciousness or Cosmic Conciousness, one should always remember that a person’s main merit is measured by the level of development of his spiritual heart. This is by what a man can merge with God. This is why it is the spiritual heart that a man should develop and keep pure in every possible way. What was said above allows us to take it not as a nice figure of speech or a metaphor, but as a quite practical knowledge and a guide to action.

The steps of the ladder of a spiritual ascent that we are discussing now are meant for teaching one how to position consciousness into anahata first, then to ensure the growth of the anahata within the body and after that beyond it — within the “cocoon”, within Earth and then beyond Earth in the highest eons.

This is how we can grow ourselves as Love. God is Love; this is why one can merge with Him only after becoming a Great Love, a Great Soul of Love (Mahatma).

And there are no other ways of developing Divinity of oneself, except for those fundamental steps that we are describing here.

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