Yoga poses 

Chakrasana                                                                               Salabasana

.CHAKRASANA (wheel pose)



1.Lie on your back. Bends your legs at the knees and place them nearer to the hips.

2.Place the palms by the sides of your head by bending the elbows and fingers towards your body.

3.While inhaling, slowly raise your body upward, resting on the feet and the palms, thus curving the spine. Retain the pose for a few seconds and, breathing normally, gradually increase the duration.

4. Concentrate on the spine. While exhaling slowly come back and rest in Shavasna for a while.

Benefits & Precautions:

Persons suffering from slipped disc, duodenal ulcer, hernia and cardiac problem should avoid this asana. All the of Shalabha, Bhujanga and dhanurasanas are obtained from this asana. Charakasana strengthens the vertebral column and increases the oxygen in-take capacity. It prevents respiratory disorders and relieves stiffness of joints, back, shoulder and the thoracic cage. It is very useful in treating diabetes, asthma, constipation and obesity.

Salabam - Locust,Grasshopper.



1)Lie on stomach with your arms under the thighs, chin resting on the floor.

2)Raise the legs .

3)Breathe normally.

4)Stay for 30 counts, then bring down the legs with an exhalation. (Take a few breaths and repeat 1 or 2 times more if you like. )


1)Strengthens the muscles of the spine, buttocks,

2)Stretches the abdomen and thighs and stimulates abdominal organs


1)Those having serious back injury or problem should avoid.

2)Those having neck problem should keep their forehead on the floor.