Yoga for Beauty and Health

Asanas - Yogasanas (Yogic Postures)

The first and fore most step in the yoga practices is to clean the internal and external parts of the body, so that the body becomes easy and supple for the various movements and postures that would be taught later.

The accumulation of excretory wastes in our body slowly over the years, is one of the main reason for the various diseases.

There are seven yogic ways for the elimination of waste matter that are produced and accumulated in the body.

1. Through left and right nostrils -
2. Through left and right eyes -
3. Through left and right ears.
4. Through the mouth.
5. Through the anus.
6. Through the genitals. and
7. Through the skin.

After the cleaning process the aspirant enters in to the learning of yoga postures, from simple to difficult one by one.

The basic and most powerful yoga or power yoga is Suryanamaskar. In this site Suryanamaskar is explained with yoga pictures or yoga poses one by one.

Classification of Yogasanas:- 1) Sitting postures, 2) Supine postures, 3) Abdominal postures, 4) Hand postures, 5) Knee postures, 6) Standing postures, 7) Head postures.