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Author: Ms. J.Kousalya - Yoga Teacher & Yoga Bhushan Award Winner

Compiled and edited by: S.Baba Parthiban

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My name is Mahalakshmi alias Kousalya. I am basically a textile Diploma holder who slowly transformed in to a full fledged yoga teacher.

I have been in this yoga teracher's profession since 8 years.

I had an opportunity to train about a dozen Russian candidates who visited and stayed with us for acquiring a thorough knowledge of Yoga Practices of India.

I have a thorough knowledge of various Yoga postures and practices like Pranayama and has been teaching to the candidates attending the course in a scientific manner.

Further I have successfully handled, from 3-years-old children to 70 years old men and women and people from various walks of life

I have received so many certificates in the Yoga competitions that had been conducted on national and international levels. I got a special award called ‘YOGA BHOOSHANAN’, which is considered to be a meritorious one in the field of Yoga..

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